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Seven reasons why upgrading your vacuum pump to variable speed will save you money this year.

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Variable speed vacuum pumps have been pretty much standard on new parlours for a few years now but with rising electricity prices it makes sense to update your existing pump as well.

How does it work – Instead of the regulator wasting vacuum it doesn’t need, a Vacuum on demand (VOD) system measures the parlour vacuum level and adjusts the vacuum pump speed depending on the demand.  As milking units are attached the pump will increase speed to allow for the extra Vacuum demand.  If a unit falls off on and lots of extra vacuum is requires quickly then the pump will accelerate quickly to provide the additional required.  Then as units are removed the pump slows down again.

  1. Save power
    Expect to save 60% on your energy bills for your vacuum pump.  A slower running pump requires less electricity!  Even when all cows are milking the pump will probably running at 50% of its normal speed, when no cows are milking it will be running at 20% or lower depending on the pump.  With a £3500 investment expect the return on investment to be in the region of 14 months on electricity savings alone!
  2. You can use your existing pump
    You don’t need a new vacuum pump.  Your existing pump can have a variable speed fitted to it making the upgrade very cost effective.
  1. You can fit one on single phase electricity supplies
    Traditionally variable speeds have been for 3ph farms but installations on 1ph electrical supplies is also very easy although the motor will need to be changed.
  1. Less noise
    A recent customer stated “it purrs like a pussycat”.   It will make milking much more pleasurable for you and your neighbours will appreciate it too!
  1. Less oil
    Because the pump is spinning slower you can reduce the amount of oil applied.  This means savings on oil, fewer refills, and less mess.
  1. Vacuum pump will last longer
    Less wear and tear means longer lasting pumps and motors.  You don’t have the large starting and stopping forces so bearings and vanes last longer.
  1. They won’t affect your auto ID system.
    The first generation of variable speed drives emitted EMF interference which effected auto ID systems.  New drives have special filters to prevent this and fitted properly will not affect auto ID systems.