Centrus Composite Rotary milking parlour platform from Waikato out perform all others.

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  • Extreme lightness and strength translate to reduced wear, tear and maintenance
  • Lightweight enables platform to stop very quickly in emergency situation
  • Easy care deck surface will look and perform like new for life of the platform
  • Each stage of production is managed – from manufacture to first milking
  • Consistent quality anywhere in the world – no concerns with sub-standard concrete supply

The latest generation of Centrus can now be tailored specifically to your requirements. Its development brings together three decades of knowledge culminating in a modern, composite rotary platform that’s unique, structurally superior and extremely capable in any milking application.

Centrus can now be built in almost any size you want, by way of its single bail modular design. This too is a feature unique and specific only to Centrus Composite Rotary platforms.

The deck sections of the Centrus are formed in a multi-layer laminated process.  The result is a deck which is 75% lighter and far more durable than traditional concrete or steel alternatives.  With proper care, Centrus composite platforms will look like new for their entire life, never pitting or cracking with age or exposure to effluent and harsh chemicals.

Cow comfort is enhanced with the addition of specially formulated and replaceable rubber mats in every bail.  The mats are soft to stand on, they protect the cows’ hooves during milking and promote a quieter milking environment.

Waikato Milking Systems manage each stage of the production and commissioning of each Centrus Composite Rotary platform – from manufacture through to the first milking – to preserve the integrity of this superb product.

The rotary milking parlours arrive on site – anywhere in the world – accompanied by a specialist team who oversee the unloading, set-up and commissioning of every Centrus dairy platform.

Standard Features:
• Lightweight and durable modular composite deck sections, resistant to urine and chemicals
• High Strength, more durable than concrete
• Hot dipped Galvanised modular sub frame which the composite deck segments attach to
• Rubber mats in every bail / stall
• Hot dipped galvanised inner and outer rim plates
• Hot dipped galvanised steel teardrop bail design ensures cow comfort and protects the milking equipment
• High strength steel rollers oil lubrication system
• Simple lubrication system
• Full circumference start/stop control and emergency stop cord
• Heavy Duty D-Gate with integrated water jet
• Standard Operator Console includes start/stop, speed control, platform reverse and emergency stop
• Entry crush switch for cow safety
• SmartFIT Brackets for faster on-farm setup
• Fully compatible with all Waikato Milking Systems’ milking automation technologies
• Fixed Roller under carriage

• Heavy-duty bails for the most demanding dairy environments – available in either galvanised or Stainless steel
• BailGate Cow Retention Straps
• Additional Operator Console or Emergency Stop
• Feed bins and head dividers for feeding during milking
• Multi Roller under carriage
• Stainless Steel outer rim plate and dry edge option
• Ladder for easy access to the centre of the platform

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Waikato centrus composite rotary deck - concrete is yesterday's news!