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JOZ Barn-E manure scraper for solid floors

Keep your cows clean and healthy
Barn-E manure scraper

The Barn-E is a robotic collector designed for solid floors.  Unlike other robotic systems it is almost silent and won’t disturb your cows whilst working.

Specially for solid floors, suitable for barns with straw, sawdust and green breeding. Cow-friendly. If you’re looking for a solution to keep your solid barn floor clean, meet the latest innovation in our ‘Manure removal’ range: the Barn-E manure robot. This revolutionary manure robot is specially designed for barns with solid floors.

The robot Barn-E will hold upto 500l slurry in each pass and will also handle sawdust, mixed straw and sand.  If the collector becomes full then the scraper arms will continue to push the muck back to the pit.

It is small enough to pass under gates to get to different pens.
Can clean cross passages and under water troughs.

Cleaning of 700m² every 2 hours

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Barn-E manure scraper for solid floors