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Design, installation and maintenance for all milking parlour needs
Free Liner Changes

One of the best ways to improve your milking is to change milking liners on time. Allowing liners to exceed their usage will slow milking, increase teat end damage and increase mastitis. But it is also a time consuming task to be squeezed into a busy day. We will change your liners free of charge to ensure your running optimally all the time.

Bespoke Equipment

We have a range of equipment we design and manufacture in-house which means they can be tailored to your specific requirements at cost effective prices. Backing gates, Sort gates, Auto wash systems, Variable speed drives, Clusterflush and Auto footbaths.

Farm Supplies

We can supply a full range of dairy hygiene chemicals and sundries direct to your farm.
With our extensive experience we can provide the best advice on the solution for your farm. We specialise in supplying super concentrated products so while they cost more per drum they save you more per wash.

Our Values

Value for Money

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is about working with you to get the most out of your milking parlour.  We are committed to building long term relationships with you by providing top level service and advice.  We offer great value for money though all our products and services. We are innovative in our business approach to you can be confident you have chosen the right partner for the future.  We value transparency in our customer service and we will always put you first.

How we can help you

  • 24 hour Breakdown Support

    We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you can be assured we will give you 100% attention until you issue is resolved.  your plant needs to work just as well at 6am on a Sunday as any other day of the week.

  • Fullwood M²erlin milking robot

    Fullwood Packo are renown for the quality of their M²erlin milking Robot.  With expertise with several types of milking robot we can help you plan the right system for your needs. Click here for more information  fullwoodpacko.com/robotic-milking/

  • Dairy Parlour Supply & Installation

    We are main dealers for Waikato Milking Systems and Fullwood Packo.  We can also supply other brands including second hand.  We have extensive experience in facility design and can take you through the process step by step.  We want to make sure the system you install is right for you and your specific requirements.

  • Maintenance & Service

    Do you want to do some of the minor maintenance to help reduce costs or do you want to concentrate on looking after your cows and leave everything else to us?  We will work with you to supply you the level of service you wish.  We can maintain most types of parlour including Waikato, GEA/Westfalia, Fullwood, Delaval, BouMatic, Gascoigne Melotte and Milfos.

  • Independent Dynamic Testing & Static Testing to BS ISO6690

    It is critical that periodic testing is carried out to ensure the cows are being milked correctly and there are no un-diagnosed faults in the system. Milk buyers normally stipulate an annual test but we would recommend a pulsation test more regularly depending on the level of usage. A Dynamic test will help identify any milkability issues not identified in the static test as well as looking at operator technique, cow flow, ACR settings and other factors.

  • Dairy Supplies Delivery Service

    We stock a full range of cleaning and teat treatment chemicals.  We are able to provide advice on which product is most appropriate for your herd and parlour.

    We can also supply cost effective self dosing systems so you don’t need to handle dangerous chemicals such as formalin.

  • Bespoke Equipment

    At Wooldridge Milking Technologies we pride ourselves on our innovation and we have a number of products we manufacture ourselves and are able to adapt to your requirements.  These include

    • Automatic plant wash controllers
    • Variable speed drives for vacuum and milk pumps
    • Auto Sorting gates to link to existing management systems or standalone
    • Automatic footbaths
    • Backing gates
    • ClusterFlush
  • Good Advice!

    Sometimes you need someone to discuss ideas with!  With 70 years experience from the US high output to the New Zealand low input philosophies, and of course the UK style, we can help discuss ideas and provide good advice.

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