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JOZ robotic silage pusher

Making light work of a heavy load
  • Increase your milk yield and reduce your feed costs.
  • Increase feed intakes and reduce feed waste.
  • Improve the performance of your lowest ranking heifers and reduce your incidence of metabolic disorders.
  • Journal of animal science reported a 0.5 litre per day increase in yields.

All this is possible with the JOZ silage pusher

By pushing the food up every 2 hours instead of every 8 hours as you might manually,  you ensure there is less sorting of feed, and lower ranking animals have the same access to the same quality feed as older more dominant animals.  This means they perform better in early lactation have a more constant rumen fill and less metabolic disorders.

As well as this by ensuring feed is pushed up more, all cows are encouraged to eat more and so perform better from the same forage.
Payback is normally 2 years.

The JOZ Moov Pro is one of the heaviest pushers available at 645kg which means it can cope with the highest amounts of dense feed.

By following small tags drilled into the concrete every 2.5m the robot knows where it is at all times.  You don’t need to have metal strips sat above the surface.  If you want a different schedule for different sheds for example for the heifer or dry cow unit compared to the main herd then this is also possible.

Additional options

  • remotely open gates
  • lift the skirt to cross areas through areas with cows

Download the brochure here.Moov pro brochure
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Save labour, save fuel, increase yields with the JOZ silage pusher.