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Defender Optimus and Basic

Custom build auto wash systems

Wooldridge Milking Technologies | Milking Parlour | Design, Installation & Maintenance of Milking ParloursWooldridge Milking Technologies have developed a series of automatic washing systems for your milking parlour at a cost significantly lower than other makes.

Defender basic – Entry level system.  Control your wash water, amount, wash duration manually.  Chemicals are added at the press of a button.  This means you don’t need to handle chemicals, lift drums etc.  Chemicals can be purchased in larger volumes (200l) and no longer need to be stored in the dairy.  A simple calibrated pump simply adds the correct amount to the trough when required.

A timer and indicator lamp sets how long you need to run the circulation for to give a consistent wash every time.

Defender optimus – Fully automatic system.  Simply press a button and walk away.  The optimus will control your wash cycle and ensure you have consistency of wash every time.

  • Programs can be modified for an unlimited number of schedules.
  • Status indicator shows what cycle is currently running
  • Alarms for low water temperatures
  • Alerts for low chemical levels
  • Save the final rinse water for the next wash or use elsewhere.

Parlour auto wash system. Optimus - Fully automatic Basic - Chemical dosing and wash timing