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Sanicleanse Teat Brush

Prep your cows right, every time!


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The benefits of Teat Scrubbers or Teat Brushes are well known.

  • Better more consistent prep routine.
  • Sterilise the teat at the same time – save a prep stage.
  • Better teat stimulation – Faster milking and shorter cluster on time

As well as this the Sanicleanse Northern Dairy cow brush also gives you

  • Lightest unit on the market – nearly 1/2 kg or 1lb lighter.
  • 1.5m cows between services.  20,000 cows between brush changes.
  • Uses warm water to wash and stimulate creating better blood flow and
    a faster hormone response.
  • Unique non-acidified teat sanitation chemicals which is better for the cow and the operator.
  • 35% emollients for great skin condition.
  • Sanitises whilst moving to the next cow to prevent cross contamination

We would recommend one brush for parlours with two operators – One operator brushing and the other following 60-90 seconds later (8-10 cows) attaching.  The light handset means support cables are not required making the unit unobtrusive and easy to use.

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Reduce Cell counts, Reduce mastitis, Improve prep, Speed up milking.