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Wooldridge Milking Technologies

Shaping the future of miking parlours

Experts in the design, installation and maintenance of milking parlours

Our collective industry knowledge, when paired with our proactive consultancy approach, ensures we deliver the very best in milking solutions for the lifetime of any milking parlour.

We are your main dealers for Waikato Milking Systems and Fullwood JOZ

Covering Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Somerset, Monmouthshire (Sir Fynwy) and Newport (Casenewydd) we offer Service, parlour testing, dynamic testing, breakdown support, dairy supplies and equipment sales.

How We Can Help - Good Advice

With over 70 years combined experience working on some of the largest dairy projects in the UK and training from some of the Worlds renown experts we are best placed to provide you with the best advice to get the most out of your milking parlour.

How We Can Help - Good Advice

We believe that this is a Marathon not a Sprint and that means we want to be partners with you for the long term. It also means our pricing is set so you want to be partners with us for the long term. In this way we can truly make a difference.

How We Can Help - 24 Hour Backup

We are here when you need us. We have engineers across the region and a large stock of spares for many types of parlour meaning we can help you when you need us most.

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Our Focus

We are a specialist dairy company providing installation, maintenance, testing and repair services for milking parlours.

With over 70 collective years of agricultural experience we have the knowledge and skills to deliver the very best solutions.

As a result we recognise the importance of selecting the correct milking philosophy for any system and will always consider the cow’s health as the number 1 factor when designing and implementing a new solution.

We are your main dealer for Waikato milking systems and Fullwood JOZ.

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With 70 years experience, from the US high output, to the New Zealand low input philosophies, and of course the UK style, we can help discuss ideas and provide good advice.


At Wooldridge Milking Technologies we pride ourselves on our innovation. We have a range of equipment we design and manufacture in-house which means they can be tailored to your specific requirements at cost effective prices.
Backing gates, Sort gates, Auto wash systems, Variable speed drives, Clusterflush and Auto footbaths.


We offer great value for money though all our products and services. We are innovative in our business approach and you can be confident you have chosen the right partner for the future. We value transparency in our customer service and we will always put you first.