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Five reasons a JOZ feed pusher will improve your dairy by £14,000 this year.

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Robotic feed pushers have been around for over ten years now and if you haven’t installed one yet here are five reasons why they are a sound investment.

  1. More milk

It’s been fairly well established know that a robotic feed pusher increases milk yield by 0.5-1l per cow per day.  For a 250 cow herd that is an extra 18,000 litres per year or £6,300 per year at 35p/l, before we allow for additional forage costs.  By pushing up the feed 8-12 times per day instead of 3-4 times you increase the number of visits to the feed fence and increase feed intake.  Importantly you improve access for low-ranking heifers and fresh cows and allowing them to perform better throughout the lactation.

  1. Save time

If you are pushing feed 3-4 times per day you can easily spend ½ hour labour every day.  At £15-20 per hour this costs £2,738-£3,650 per year.

  1. Save fuel and maintenance

Most loaders/tractors cost in the region of £20 per hour to run so this is £3,650 per year.

In contrast a feed pusher is charged from a standard main plug and costs a fraction of this to run.

  1. Heathier cows

Better access to a more homogenous diet may help reduces metabolic disorders such as LDAs in early lactation.

  1. Less wasted food

More frequent pushing up of feed results in less sorting and cows can reach the last lumps of feed easier resulting in less waste that need to be cleared away before the next feed.

So with more milk, savings on time and machinery you could be seeing and increased return of £13,600 per year.  With a price of around £15,000 that is a pretty good investment – what are you waiting for contact us today to get the benefits.

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